Only darkness

Publicado por Alexandra Buonarroti , domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011 1:11

I was walking slowly. The moon was shinning in the dark of the night and a thousand stars were covering the sky.
I could see the outline of the buildings under the moonlight, and  then, something drew my attention.
On the top of the highest roof, someone was standing on the edge. I started to run immediately.

When I was there, I pierced the threshold and I went up the stairs.

I felt the fear inside. If she fell off, I would never forgive myself. I had to help her.
I took two steps and I was closer to her, but when I took the third step she heard me and she turned around. I was scared, so scared that I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t walk. Her face was my face. She was me. I didn’t know that to do and when I could react, she lost her sense of balance and fell off.

I ran to the edge and I looked down.

Only darkness.

Then, a storm appeared and it started to rain. I looked at the sky and I realized that I was in the street, a high building was in front of me and on top there was nobody. In that moment, I didn’t know what to do and I went home.

Now, I’m at the edge, and the world is down here. Too late, I have understood that day I saw my own dead. It has started to rain. A step has sounded behind me. I have turned around and I have lost my sense of balance.

I am falling down. I close my eyes.

Only darkness.

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